Ar of the south

Turia, known as Ar of the south. Located deep within the vast plains, surrounded by the four nomadic tribes of the wagon peoples. Turia is the epitome of luxury; dealing muchly in the finest things on Gor. Thier slaves are beautiful and well trained, their furnishings high in quality, their food rarely other than an ongoing cycle of one delicacy after another. For those merchants bold enough to attempt and survive the travel to Turia the riches of rare trade items await them as do the finest luxuries known to the land. There are warm baths infamous for their relaxation. As well as a vast merchant district. Despite the constant surrounding danger of the Tuchuks, Kataii, Kassar, and Paravici tribes Turia is a place of great flourishment.

Below are the pages of Turia, take care to examine the General Rules especially, and or the Combat/Capture rules to better understand what goes on in Turia or what is expected of you when you visit Turia.